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  1. Buy New Microwave – Open Box, Floor Model Woo Hoo, Deal!
  2. Try to Cram Microwave in Car
  3. Carry Microwave Upstairs
  4. Discover Microwave Didn’t Include Mounting Plate – Boo, Not Such a Deal!
  5. Back to Store – We’ll FedEx You a New One
  6. Start Marking Wall
  7. Drive to Home Depot for Stud Finder
  8. Find 7 Different Places for Stud Edge
  9. What?! I need an Outlet in My Cabinet?!
  10. Hire Electrician
  11. Wait for Mounting Plate
  12. Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait
  13. Call Store
  14. Call Store Again
  15. Drive to Store – Can’t Get Part, so We’ll Give You New Microwave, Same Price
  16. Wait for Delivery Drivers Between 2 and 6
  17. Delivery Drivers Come at 7:30
  18. Go to Home Depot for 2 New Drill Bits and Longer Bolts
  19. Drill Baby Drill
  20. Oh My God, There’s a Stud There Too?! I used the wrong bit, VERY WRONG
  21. Drive to Home Depot for Longer Screw, Hope that fixes it
  22. Mount Wall Bracket
  23. My Drilling Mistake Pulled Me Off Center by 1/16″. At least it’s sort of level
  24. Hang Top Cabinet Template
  25. I Need a Different Drill Bit For the Top Cabinet?! FFS!!!! Why Don’t They Use the same sized screws and bolts? I think they’re just F’ing with me now
  26. And, it looks like the longer bolts I got were TOO Long
  27. I don’t want to go back to home depot for a 3rd time today. Screw it. I’ll go tomorrow
  28. To Be Continued…..

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