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Monthly Archive for April, 2008

Kenneth Hahn Park

I spent a nice Saturday afternoon at Kenneth Hahn Park in Culver City. I had my camera with me, and you can see a few Park photos. I’m happy to say I finally managed to get a shot of a humming bird. It isn’t great, but I did get it, so that’s something.

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Mac Mini Media Center

I’m just setting a bookmark to this Mac Mini Media Center post. I may have to pick one up and try that some day.

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Hipster Soap Opera

I spent the past week or so working my way through 5 years worth of Questionable Content back archives. It’s a web comic strip. On April Fools Day, this super geeky comic that I love, XKCD switched comics in a round robin “prank”. I read a few, and was kind of interested in the characters. […]

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Descanso Gardens

I took my camera up to Descanso Gardens to photograph some spring flowers. It’s weird. I haven’t been to Descanso in about 5 years, and I remember it being a lot smaller. I don’t know if my memory was playing tricks on me or if I didn’t fully explore the place last time. It was […]

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Back to the Top of the Slide

Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel’s cover of Helter Skelter is surprisingly awesome. Oh sure, it lacks some of the zen koan like absurdity of his throw a rock into a lake video. But, what it lacks in inscrutability it makes up for in disturbing images of war and violence and Bill Shatner like ironic song stylings.

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