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Monthly Archive for December, 2007

Fantastic Speech from Barack Obama

Obama is such a great orator, it’s stunning. I’ve seen him in debates and interviews when he’s speaking extemporaneously (or at least as extemporaneously as debates and interviews get when you’re running for president), and he seems weaker if only by comparison. I find myself wondering where is this great man that I’ve seen in […]

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Getty at Sunset

The Getty has an exhibit of photographs by Graciela Iturbide, so on Saturday, I headed up there to check them out. I didn’t care for her portraits very much, but some of her earlier work, particularly some work with birds was really great. It was almost grotesque and surreal in a way that was interesting […]

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Puff the Scary Tattoo

I was watching the Graham Norton Show, and they had this guy, John, in the audience. John had spent 50 hours tattooing his penis. Let’s pause for a moment to let that sink in. The dude tattooed his wang. For 50 unimaginably painful hours. He says this was his first tattoo, which is, I have […]

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Launchball was kind of a fun little diversion for a while. It’s not challenging enough to really keep you playing, but it is amusing through several levels.

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Traveler IQ Challenge

As a lark, I took this Traveler IQ Challenge. I scored 170,594, and made it to level 6. I felt pretty good about that, but then it said my traveler IQ was 92. With IQ, average is 100, which means that at 92 I’d be below average (if they’re using IQ the way real IQ […]

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San Diego Zoo

I drove down to the San Diego Zoo today to make some pictures of the animals. It was a little chilly, and it was a little rainy, which I wasn’t expecting. I spent the latter part of the day with my camera wrapped in my shirt trying to keep it dry. Still, all things considered, […]

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