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San Diego Wild Animal Park

I’ve been wanting to get down to the San Diego Wild Animal Park for quite a while now, and since I was taking this whole week off to burn some vacation days I was about to lose, today seemed like the perfect day. I did one of their photo safari adventures. That was cool since they drive you right up to the animals. I got licked by a giraffe, and I got to pet a rhino horn.

If I have one complaint it’s that they didn’t take us into any of the predator enclosures. I guess they’re worried about “safety” or something lame like that. Unfortunately, to my eye at least, all of the herd animals kind of look the same. Once you’ve photographed one of them, you’re pretty much done. If I’m going to photograph something, I want to photograph something exciting like one of the apex predators. I don’t want to photograph, well, food. Anyway, you can see some San Diego Wild Animal Park photos here.

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