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I Feel the Need for Speed

I’m not really a “car” kind of guy. I don’t watch racing, and I was never very interested in working on or even looking at engines. I couldn’t care less what I drive so long as it reliably and economically gets me where I’m going. In almost every way, I feel that smaller is better with cars.

Despite that, when I was working on a list of 1,000 things to do before I die, I included “Drive a Car in Excess of 120 MPH”. So, I guess that even for me there’s some appeal to the thought of going fast every once in a while. That may be why I found this video of a Bugatti Veyron being pushed to its top speed of 253 MPH. I’d never even heard of a Bugatti Veyron before, but that’s faster than race cars drive, and this is a production car. It’s crazy. And, that track in Germany looks really sweet. I wonder what it takes to get permission to drive on something like that.

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