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Monthly Archive for September, 2006

How to Run a Meeting Like Google

How to Run a Meeting Like Google features some great ideas for running meetings. I particularly like the idea of projecting a ticking stop watch. I wonder if people actually pay any attention to it.

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Fire Up the Emdrive

I lean towards thinking it’s probably snake oil myself (things that sound too good to be true usually are, and conservation of momentum seems too real to get past), but the Electromagnetic Drive that Roger Shawyer claims to have developed still sounds really cool. It would be great if it was real — even though […]

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Class Up Those Bars

I gotta say, I’ve never considered bar codes unattractive. Actually, I never considered them at all, but somebody has, and they’ve figured out you can design them to look interesting. I’m still not very concerned about standard bar codes, but design bar codes are pretty cool.

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The Passage of Time

Noah has been taking a picture of himself every day for six years. You can see a video of it here. I started looking at his face, but it’s surprising how little it changes, so eventually, I was just looking at the hair, which I found to be sort of hypnotic.

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