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Jack Black Pilot

So, a while ago, I heard about a failed TV pilot starring Jack Black called Heat Vision and Jack Well, it turns out Andy has a copy, and he’s seeded a bittorrent of it.

I’ve been trying to download the 300+ MB file for over an hour now. I’m only 13% through. I hear it’s funny though, so come on everybody. Fire up your favorite client. I need more users so we can get faster throughput on this thing. My PowerBook is so hot right now it’s about to melt through my lap and down to the core of the earth. Nobody wants that. Help a guy out.

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  1. Black Jack says:

    I have downloaded the failed TV pilot. It was sooo good! Although, the main snag is that it took me quite a while to download it. Well, never mind…. we all like freebies..:-)

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