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Cabo Mexico

I took an extended weekend trip down to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. The scenery down there is unbelievably beautiful. The water was so blue, I was half convinced they had people going out early in the morning to add food coloring or something.

What I didn’t get was much in the way of Mexican culture. I never even felt like I was in another country. I think I saw more caucasians down there than I typically see in Los Angeles.

I’m not sure if that’s just because Cabo caters to tourists (they did say repeatedly that tourism was their only industry). Maybe they’ve just naturally built up the kind of place where gringos would find themselves comforted and unchallenged. It could have been my fault too. I spent a disproportionate amount of time in and around the hotel where I was staying. I was only there for a few days though, and most of the time was pretty tightly scheduled. I tried to get out and see the place when I could.

Anyway, it was fun, and as I said extremely beautiful. I took some photos.

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