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Anyone know if there is a way to tell Mozilla (v 1.5 for Mac OS 10.2.8) not to open mailto links in Mozilla’s integrated mail client? It refuses to honor the mail client I have set to default by the system, and I can’t find anywhere in program to tell it.

Since most of the time when I click on a mailto link, it’s an accident, I’d actually like something that would pop an alert — do you really want to pass this link to your default mail client [yes | no]. That’s probably asking for too much, so I’ll settle for just passing the link to the client that’s already in memory and configured.

Update: Well, That was easy enough.

Well, no. It’s not easy enough exactly. The easiest (and best) way would be to have the program honor the system default to begin with. It’s actually a very rude behavior. At least it’s fixable though.

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