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Pop Rocks and Geritol

futureshock video Saaawweeeeeeeeeeetttttt!

2 Responses to “Pop Rocks and Geritol”

  1. Aaron says:

    There’s no general contact point for this site. That’s really annoying. I was going to say how good this site was for all the cool little websites I’ve found through it but the server evidently can’t cope with love letters. I was trying to find information on Bill Viola for an essay for my degree but stumbled across this little goldmine instead. Keep up the good work, even if there isn’t a proper means of wishing you such.

  2. Will Raleigh says:

    Aaron – thanks for the kind comment. I probably should set aside an e-mail address for contacting me about the site. I’m just goofy about not wanting to publish an address on the web where a spam bot can swoop through and harvest it. It’s crazy since I have no problem posting an actual address and phone number on my resume.

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