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Is there anything worse than a show that used to be a shining beacon of light now reduced to a phlegm stain? I used to love the West Wing. From time to time, there would be moments that would give me chills, and every week, there was something that made the weeks wait worth while.

No more. I understand that Sorkin left this season. His loss is sorely felt. It was almost unwatchable tonight. I keep looking at it and expecting to see a glimmer of its former glory. You almost can. It’s like looking at somebody who was once beautiful now scarred by the worst kind of plastic surgery mistake imaginable.

Pretty much this entire season of TV sucks harder than it ever has. Is there a writers strike I didn’t hear about or something?

One Response to “West Wing – How I Loved You”

  1. Yeah… the Zoe kidnapping story line was problematic and got the whole season off to a very bad start. I’ve been watching all the reruns on Bravo (I’m not a I’ve-been-watching-it-faithfully-since-the-pilot kind of viewer), and that has served as the glass of water to help me wash down the bitter pill this season offers. I can’t stop watching, though…. I HATE BUSH, and at least this allows me some escapism to a land where Democrats have power. No matter how bad the plot lines this season, I still think it’s better than the reality we’re facing now. ;)

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