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Streaming MP3s from Home

So, I was watching The Screensavers (I know, but what can I do? I’m just a big ol’ geek). Anyway, they did a segment on the Slimp3.

I’ve looked at all those things, but never had any interest. Thing is — they have a software client that can be used without buying the hardware. Cool!!!! I tried it out, and it really very well done, and very simple to set up and use.

Now, here’s my question. Does anybody know how to open up my home router so that I can access the served files from the internet (outside my network)?

The router is a D-Link DI-713P. I went to Advanced > Virtual Server and enabled service port 9000 for server IP The Slimp3 broadcasts on port 9000, and 122 is the internal address of the machine that is acting as the Slimp3 server.

I then tried to go to[external IP]:9000, but connection fails. Since I’m not 100 percent sure of the syntax (or even 10 percent sure of the syntax), I also tried[external IP] and[external IP]:9000


That’s maybe not surprising since Shields Up reports that port 9000 is stealthed.

So, I went to Advanced > Packet Filter > Inbound Filter and explicitly allowed traffic coming into port 9000 with the as a destination IP. Still no joy.

Has anybody done this? Does anybody know how to do this? I’m sure it’s really quite simple, but when it comes to this stuff, sadly so am I.

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