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Gut Up You Little Punk!

OK, so after 3 months of loafing, you finally got that Bowflex machine out of mothballs. Good for you. But seriously, 1 1/2 puny little sets with resistance that you could tell almost instantly wasn’t enough? What the hell is wrong with you, you tiny little puddle of nothingness?

I know; the work out lasted 25 minutes, your heart rate is up, your face is red (and disturbingly numb), and you did feel a little light-headed for a while there. That does qualify as a workout. Still, don’t be a little punk. If you’re going to do it, then do it. Show some heart. Show some intensity for christ’s sake. And, don’t quit. I want at least 3 solid months out of you. I want you back to pulling on Wednesday.

Alright, now go get yourself a protein shake, and relax and enjoy the free Radiohead concert on Direct TV.

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