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Where is it?

OK, nobody move.

I seem to have misplaced my pocket knife. Has anybody seen it? I know I had it when I left the restaurant tonight.

Of course I checked the couch cushions. I even picked it up to look under the couch. Yes, even the heavy fold-out bed portion. Nothing.

Man, I hope it’s not the voices again. I don’t think I could take another month like that.

Oh, there it is. Yeah it was … Let’s just say it was in the couch cushions. OK? And, ugh should anybody ask, and really why would they right? It would really help me out if you could tell everybody that we went to the movies tonight. Yeah, I know, but I mean come on. You know I’d do it for you. Hell, I have done it for you. Remember Florida? Yeah, that’s right. So, just remember Wednesday, May 28th. You were with me all night. We saw The Matrix.

Look, I don’t think it really matters that you haven’t seen it yet. OK, well then what have you seen? Come on, you haven’t seen a single movie since The Bad News Bears? It’s not even going to come up, but you know in case anybody asks. OK?

2 Responses to “Where is it?”

  1. willnot says:

    Remember me?

    Bleach gets out blood stains pretty easily, but it’s going to take some time before the lye starts working. It should be okay though. No one will just trip over them, they’re buried deep enough.

  2. Will says:

    No. No. No. No.

    *Sticks Fingers In Ears*

    You’re not real. You’re not real. Yournotreal. Yournotreal. Yournotreal. Yournotreal. YournotrealYournotrealYournotrealYournotreal.

    I’m Better Now. Better. Better. I’m Better.

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