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willnot – Will Not

Oh, I love me the puns. Particularly Meta-puns.

There was a time when I’d check MetaFilter once or twice a day (frequently, a lot more often than that – it can be a compulsion).

Most days, I still check MetaFilter once or twice a day. But anymore, I gotta think that once or twice a week, maybe even once or twice a month would be enough.

The good links eventually get posted everywhere else anyway. Most times, even with frequent, daily checking, the noise is so high I completely miss the good posts and only see those threads after I’ve seen the link posted somewhere else. It’s been just a million times worse over the past few weeks.

With a few notable exceptions, intelligent discussion (which for some bizarre reason people still reference as a hallmark of the place) has long since fled to greener pastures (by the way, does anybody know where the intelligent discussion went? Some mailing list somewhere you have to be super 3ll37 to get invited into or somthin’? I know where the silliness went, where did the smarties go?).

I’ve sent the site money (one of the few web sites I’ve supported financially). I’ve probably invested hours upon hours reading and writing on there. But, it’s just not worth that level of time investment anymore. It’s become too hard to use.

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