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How Did They Do That?

The retouch button in iPhoto 2 is scary good. Seriously, it is amazing how smart this thing is. I assume it’s basically the healing brush from PhotoShop 7 – which I’ve yet to play around with, but OH MY GOD.

I had this one photo of some friends’ kid who had some crumbs in her hair. I go in, and rub the wand over the crumbs and they disappeared. This is on wispy, inconsistently textured hair people. If you haven’t worked extensively with PhotoShop, you may not know, but holy crap! It took the crumbs right out and left the freaking hair. I don’t even know if I could have cloned it out this well (you know — assuming it actually mattered enough to me to even take the time). This thing seems to have more intelligence than me and my 13+ years of professional experience. I am well and truly floored. I don’t know what kind of algorithm they’re using, but whoever programmed this thing is some kind of freaky smart, uber god!

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