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Mmmmmm….. Is there anything better than a 2 hour nap on a lazy Saturday?

Yes. When it’s catching you up on a 1 1/2 week sleep deficit, that’s better. And, when it’s the kind of sleep you can only get when flirting with the edges of an antihistamine induced coma, that’s even better still.

But, could the music directors at the DirectTV Progressive music channel (or really just the universe in general since it’s not just confined to that channel), please cool it with the Neil Young? Once a month is a fine and interesting. I really don’t need him as one of the core artists in the soundtrack of my life. How ’bout some more Jonatha Brooke or Liz Phair OK?

Update: I went to CPK for dinner, and they were playing Jonatha Brooke’s song, “Where Were You?”. Thank you Universe. Now, how about a million dollars?

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