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The New “copyspeak”

Gary Shapiro speaks The Truth

To make downloading immoral, you have to accept that copyrighted products are governed by the same moral and legal principles as real property, thus the recent and continuous reference by the copyright community to label downloading as stealing. But the fact is that real and intellectual property are different and are governed by different principles.

Downloading a copyrighted product does not diminish the product, as would be the case of taking and using tangible property such as a dress. At worst, it is depriving the copyright owner of a potential sale. The truth is, it may be causing a sale (through familiarity) or, even more likely, have no impact on the sale.

Don’t believe the media spin people. They, not us are the thieves. The “rights” they want to secure for themselves are in direct conflict with the rights you currently enjoy, and there’s no reason to give them what they are trying to steal from you.

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