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Last week, I invited everybody to as me a question. Surprisingly, I was actually asked more questions off-line than on-line. I shall now attempt to answer all of them. more…

Kevin wanted to know:
Can you explain the pythagorean theorem in five words or less?

Will says:

Well, OK let me give it a try. How many words make up the formula a^2 + b^2 = c^2? I guess it doesn’t matter that states it, but it doesn’t explain it.

How ’bout this:
Right Triangles are always relative

Sorry Kevin – I’m afraid that may be the best I can do. You can learn more here though, and there’s a sort of cool animation here.

eyeballkid wondered:
Is it true what they say?

Will says:
No, in fact size matters a lot. And, those pants make you look huge!!!

Joni asked:
What is the difference between business class and coach?

Will googled:
I think business class is basically first class with a slightly cheaper ticket price to encourage frequent business travelers to use their airline.

Still, the difference seems to depend a great deal on the airline. According to this epinion, there is a huge difference in food for Finnair. There doesn’t seem to be much difference on Lufthansa though.

Kayleigh pondered:
What is the difference between Digital and normal TV?

Will answered:
How Stuff Works focuses on HDTV almost to the exclusion of other types of digital TV, but still it covers that pretty well and it explains most of what you probably want to know.

A Crackerbarrel Waitress asked:

Hashbrowns or Fried Apples?

Will replied:
Apples, but this was in fact the wrong answer. I answered this one wrong a couple of times before learning that the correct answer to this question is an emphatic: Neither!

2 Responses to “Answers”

  1. matt says:

    I’m glad you got around to answering that for me. I guess I’m totally screwed (or not, as the case may be).

    By the way, that thing I mentioned to you once that your site does occasionally, here’s a screenshot of it. I’m using IE 5 on Win2k Advanced Server.

  2. Will says:

    Hmm… Well now what the heck would cause that? Does it only happen on the archive pages, or does it happen on /Speak/index.html as well?

    There seems to be something different between Speak and Consume that causes them to not have so many line breaks, but I don’t see anything different in the source. Weird, weird, weird. I should probably just redesign.

    Well now, A:link.MenuLink has a height of 100%, while the other A:*.MenuLinks have 20 px. I’ve tried changing A:link to 20 px as well. I also removed the width 100% from all of the a:*.MenuLinks. Let me know if that fixed it for ya.

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