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a film by kirk

So, The Gilmore Girls. If you’ve not seen this show, but you are familiar with the premise, you may be tempted to dismiss it as trite crap. I can see how it might look that way from the outside looking in. But, it’s really much better than it sounds. If you’ve seen the show, then you can probably understand why I actually like it quite a bit.

So, I’m watching it tonight, and as an extreme sub-plot, there is a story line where one of the wacky townspeople has made a short film. I’d totally forgotten how spectacular that film was. It is without question one of the greatest things ever to grace celluloid, or video tape, or whatever. It is so perfectly surreal, that Dali would look at this thing and think WTF?!

And remember, I can edit out two of the “hells”, but I need to keep all of the “damns”. It’s a street cred thing.

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