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TrackBack doesn’t seem to work quite as I thought it did, and I’m wondering is the functionality there and hidden, or is it not possible to do what I was hoping it would do?

TrackBack seems to work great for automatically updating your site with people who refer to one of your entries. That’s useful I suppose, but I thought that the way it would (could?) work is more of a threading of ideas layed over blog space.

That is each person’s TrackBack link would show all entries that are talking about a subject, and organize them in a hierarchy so that you’d get something like:

Original Post
…TrackBack Level 1
…….Trackback Level 2 *You Are Here*
…….TrackBack Level 2
…TrackBack Level 1

I haven’t explored the technology at all, so maybe it’s still possible to do something like that. I hope so because that is far more interesting to me than the uses I’ve seen so far.

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  1. Will says:

    Excellent. It seems they are working on exactly that very thing.

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