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Number 6 on the list of things you don’t ever want to hear – The gasp of pity/surprise when you take off your shirt and turn around so your doctor can examine your back.

I will go ahead and assume that it was due to the giant, bulging, spasming muscle that has been causing me so much pain for the past few weeks and not some of my other potentially surprising physical attributes.

As I suspected, there was nothing they could do for me but prescribe some strong aspirin. I guess the muscle relaxant may actually do something, although I have some doubts. I rarely go to the doctor, but no matter what I go in for, I always seem to leave with a prescription for some pill or other. Do they do anything? I doubt it, but the doctors have to do something I suppose. It’s probably better than being told they have to cut you open at any rate.

I can say that I spent entirely too much time not laying down tonight. Less moving, more laying – that’s what I always say.

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